Hürlimann, founded in 1929 in Switzerland, is a brand associated with quality agricultural tractors. It has been part of the SDF Group (Same Deutz Fahr) since 1979, one of the world’s leading groups in the development, manufacture and distribution of tractors. Hürlimann is positioned in the market for compact, conventional and orchard/vineyard tractors, with various powers and configurations..

MOVITER has represented Hürlimann in Portugal since 1992.



McCormick is an Anglo-Saxon brand with a long tradition in the agricultural tractors market. Associated with the development of the mechanisation of agriculture in the early twentieth century, McCormick has been part of the ARGO Group since 2000, a strong economic group in the world agricultural equipment sector. The vast McCormick range is to be noted, with compact, conventional, orchard/vineyard, isodiametric and crawler tractors.

MOVITER has represented McCormick in Portugal since 2004.



This company of Korean origin is one of the major brands of that Asian country. LS tractors are the result of modern design, well adapted to the needs of agriculture in vineyards, orchards, horticulture, maintenance of green spaces, local council works, among others.

Moviter has been the representative of LS tractors in Portugal and Spain since 2004.



Manufactured in Japan, Shibaura tractors are known for their quality and durability, with reduced maintenance costs. Shibaura compact tractors are well adapted to agriculture needs in Portugal, for professional or semi-professional use, so they are strongly implanted in the domestic market.

Moviter has represented Shibaura tractors in Portugal since 1992.



Lely is a prestigious brand, associated with high quality products. It has a wide range of equipment for use in the field including mowers, haymakers, bundlers, balers, plastic wrappers, self loading trailers and forage harvesters. Complete solutions that range from cutting grass or straw to its storage and distribution.

MOVITER has represented Lely (Welger and Mengele) in Portugal since 2011.



Fabricados no Japão e com uma grande tradição no mercado nacional dos equipamentos compactos, os tratores Iseki são indicados para pequenas propriedades agrícolas, culturas especializadas, manutenção de espaços verdes, municípios, entre outros trabalhos e aplicações.

A Moviter é representante dos tractores Iseki em Portugal desde 2017.