Moviter is an associate company of Movicortes S.A., a company founded about 35 years ago and which started its business activity in the equipment sector. As the business of Movicortes diversified it created, in 1989, specialised and independent companies for each of the businesses and it evolved into a service and asset management company, responsible for the management of the group companies. Movicortes created Moviter (industrial equipment) and Terralis (agricultural equipment) for the equipment sector. In 2015, these two companies merged into one company, with the name Moviter Equipamentos S.A.


Moviter has stood apart since its foundation for the same set of values that characterise Movicortes and the other associate companies:

  • Special attention to the customer
  • Representation of brands and equipment of recognised quality
  • Qualification and competence of the after-sales service

In addition to Moviter, the following companies and businesses are part of the Movicortes Group:

  • ARQUIVO: cultural goods and services
  • JORNAL DE LEIRIA / JORLIS: regional newspaper; production of events and contents
  • ROCIM: wine production and distribution, wine tourism (Herdade do Rocim / Vale da Mata)
  • MOVICORTES ANGOLA: industrial and agricultural machinery
  • MOVICORTES MOÇAMBIQUE: industrial machinery