Moviter, founded in 1989, is a commercial company in the industrial and agricultural equipment sector.


The representation and distribution of equipment began in 1980, through the company Movicortes. Movicortes created Moviter in 1990, as the activity grew and diversified, in order to focus on the business of public works and construction equipment. It founded the company Terralis for the agricultural equipment business.


In 2015, the two companies were merged and Moviter took over the entire equipment business of the Movicortes Group. Moviter also became a public limited company (S.A.), as part of this change. The teams, organisation and services of the two business areas were united in a single company, in a simpler administrative structure, in order to strengthen the identity and values of Moviter and simplify its processes. Give the company greater capacity of intervention in the market, making it more cohesive and closer to customers, throughout the national territory.


Prior to this, in 2008, Moviter had initiated an internationalisation strategy that took the company to Angola and Mozambique, where it started the representation of industrial and agricultural equipment, some brands of which were already well known in the Portuguese market.