Moviter provides a technical and operational training programme covering several skill areas, in order to prepare maintenance technicians and senior operators. The technology and capabilities of the equipment are growing. To get the most out of the machinery and reduce costs it is necessary to update the knowledge of those who work day-to-day with the machinery.

The FORTOP service covers the intervention areas of the equipment sector, with the objective of training the equipment technicians, operators and managers, providing and updating practical knowledge about assistance and maintenance procedures, the best way to operate a piece of equipment (with greater security, efficiency and economy) and the management and use of the equipment on site.

Moviter is certified as an entity prepared and endorsed to provide training in these areas. Its training courses are recognised for inclusion on CVs.


  • Training with qualified technicians, linked to the brands
  • Trainers can travel to other markets and continents (Africa, Latin America, Europe)
  • Cross-sectoral training (assistance and maintenance, operation and logistics on site)
  • Training tailored to customer needs
  • Certified training


  • Upkeep and appreciation of the equipment
  • More efficient assistance and maintenance
  • Greater operational efficiency (quality and speed of work)
  • Greater economy and cost-effectiveness