New equipment has the full warranty of the manufacturer. Moviter offers maintenance contracts for customers who, once the warranty period has expired, want to guarantee quality assistance throughout the equipment lifetime, with qualified technicians and original parts. These contracts are adjusted to the needs and characteristics of each customer and the type of work:

Preventive maintenance contracts

protect equipment for a longer period of time, according to the terms of the agreement; maintenance carried out by Moviter technicians, under conditions contracted at advantageous prices.

Total maintenance contracts

complete protection throughout the service life of the equipment, which also includes the main organs; maintenance carried out by Moviter technicians, for advantageous prices and conditions.


  • Discount on parts prices
  • Discount on labour prices
  • All planned equipment servicing; regular maintenance with less downtime
  • Work carried out by qualified technicians and using original parts
  • Offer of the certificate of good working order
  • Offer of oil analysis; Monitoring of machinery status
  • Follow up, monitoring and history of the machinery
  • Cost control
  • Appreciation of equipment value


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