SIMM is an After-Sales Service for all Moviter customers, at no extra cost. The two objectives of the procedures and the information gathered with SIMM are to appreciate the value of the equipment and to guarantee greater protection of the same. In this service the customer has access to maintenance plans with maintenance contracts, warranty extensions and other useful information, allowing the equipment to be kept at its maximum capacity and with greater control over costs. SIMM is adjusted to customer needs and performed by qualified technicians. It is a versatile after-sales service which accompanies the equipment life cycle.


Inspection service

Completion of technical inspections and reports by Moviter services for issuance of correct operation and conformity certificates for the machines

Fleet management

Geolocalization systems providing automatic real-time machine monitoring and costs analysis, with remoteness planning, notifications and follow up of the machines

Maintenance contracts

To the customers who want to guarantee the quality of the after sales assistance of the machines after the warranty period has expired

SIMM / Advantages

  • Greater safety; certification of the equipments
  • Effective costs control
  • Longer service life and appreciation of the equipment
  • GPS localization and monitoring
  • Management of the operating history