Category: Customized solutionsBrand: HITACHI

ZX135USL-5 and ZX225USRL-5 can be specifically prepared for applications in the forestry field. The durable undercarriage and increased ground clearance provide excellent mobility and stability in the forest, in timber yards or for use in other timber industries.
In addition to excavators with a small swing radius, the configuration of the standard excavators, with tracks reinforcement, cabin protection, greater ground clearance and hydraulic regulation, among other changes, guarantees efficient operation, with greater productivity, cost-effectiveness and longer service life. Solutions with the Hitachi quality guarantee.
Also noteworthy is the use of Hitachi wheel loaders and wheeled excavators in a variety of timber industries.

Operating weight – 15.000 – 16.000 kg
Ground clearance – 595 mm
Tracks length: 3.790 mm

Operating weight – 24.800 – 25.200 kg
Ground clearance – 695 mm
Tracks length: 4.460 mm

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