Category: Wheel LoadersBrand: GEHL

Gehl focus on providing solutions to customer’s needs by building quality, reliable modern compact equipment, designed for the most rugged conditions and equipped with the finest in technology and material.

The vertical lift design provides more reach at full lift height, which is optimal for applications that require loading and stacking at high heights. By keeping the load closer to the machine, lift capacities are increased over radial-lift models.

Gehl also offers a complete variety of accessories and upgrades that can be easily added to the equipment.


Features include:

  • Long wheelbase and low center of gravity
  • Precise control
  • Increased rated operating load with a counterweight
  • Efficient hydraulics

Additional Information

Engine power

99 bhp

Operating weight

5.035 kg

Operational capacity

1.814 kg

Working height

4.745 mm

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