Category: Milling MachinesBrand: WIRTGEN



W 130 CF/CFi is a compact milling machine with a working width of up to 120cm. In the compact class, Wirtgen combines the advantages of its small milling machines – maneuverability, one-man operation and flexibility – with the front-loader principle and productivity of its large milling machines.

On the W 130 CF/CFi precise milled results are assured by LEVEL PRO PLUS ensuring a precise, high quality milled finish thanks to its simple intuitive operation. The flexibility and excellent performance of the W 130 CF/CFi are assured by a number of other clever solutions for milling and loading.

Fields of application range from classical small milling machine operations, such as partial road repairs, all the way to the removal of entire roadways, a job usually reserved for the large milling machines.


Features include

  • Automated functions
  • Modern control technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy transport

Additional Information

Engine power

330 / 333 cv

Operating weight

20.200 / 20.300 kg

Working width

1.300 mm

Milling depth

0 – 330 mm


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